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What's Inside?

Learn a bit more about us ;)

Choose from Anime, Fantasy&Sci-Fi, Gamer, Comics, and Magical!

With these many different Realm it gives us the flexibility to bring many awesome themes across the fandom universe! only $3.99 a month! Had enough from one Realm? then switch to a different one! 


Makes the perfect gift!

We all know someone that needs an awesome reminder of their fandoms in their car, room, bathroom etc while smelling so good! This babies can be rocked anywhere! this will never be a bad gift! We will deliver the best designs and the best scents! and at a affordable price too!! only $3.99 a month! How are you still thinking about this?


Need more reasons to sign up?

We make our plans so affordable and bring you the best designs that at a $3.99 is a no brainer! Contact us with any questions