Scented Geek - About

So Fresh and So Geek!

How did this idea came to be??

The making of Scented Geek

We got tired of those boring looking car fresheners you see everywhere, we decided to explore into the geeky side. After an exhausting search for specificities things we wanted to see we could not find much variety and we could not find fresheners for the fandoms we wanted to see! so sad!

 Initially We had some Targaryen inspired fresheners made for ourselves and a couple of friends and we got some awesome feedback! a lot of other acquaintances  wanted to get  them and also asked us if we could make other fandoms and this is where the idea was born! We wanted to have the best designs and the best scents in one place at a affordable price. We decided to offer 5 awesome Realms because we know people are fans of different things, which include: Fantasy&Sci-fi, Anime, Gamer, Comics, and Magical! Join the Club and smell So Fresh and So Geek!


I just signed up. When will my package arrive? How often will I receive this subscription?

Monthly subscription packages will ship out before the 4th of the following month you signed up on.

Am I able to switch Realms anytime I want?
This is a tricky one but the short answer is YES. As long as you do it before the subscription renewal day which is the 11th of each month and if you are a monthly subscritpion.

Is it automatic payment? How often will my subscription be re-billed?
Yes, it is automatic payment, so no need to re-sign up! Your renewal date will be the 11th of each month.

Why doesn't it show tracking information once it's shipped?
In order to keep costs down we ship via first class mail which doesn't provide us with a shipping number. Please allow 3-5 business days for items to arrive once they have been marked as "Shipped"

What kind of scent will I get?
Scents for the fresheners will vary from design to design. Rest assured that the scent will be just as awesome as the piece you will get :)

Can I cancel at anytime ?
Yes! Canceling is easy! Just email us at with subject "cancellation" and We will take care of it for you.  Cancellations must be made before the renewal date, which is the 11th of each month. you may also cancel from your profile account.

How any fresheners will I get a month?

You will receive one awesome unique freshener per subscription a month :)

Additional questions or concerns? Send us an email!