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So Fresh and So Geek!

Smelling good never looked so nerdy! Keep your car (or anywhere really) smelling good all year round with these awesome air fresheners that show what you are all about! So affordable and delivered to you every month!


1. Choose Your Theme!

We offer 5 different Realms of nerdiness to choose from: Fantasy & Sci-Fi, Anime, Gamer, Comics, and Magical!

2. So Affordable!

Our Month to Month plans are just $3.99 plus shipping (Shipping inside US $0.89)

3. You Smell So Good!

After that you will receive your package of awesome fresh nerdiness every month!

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The most awesome fresheners delivered to you every month? I think so! Select the Realm you would and that is all! At this price this is also a great item to gift and its easy on your pocket!